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Check/TBL number. E018 Enter Table number. Finalize and close the check that is currently under the number that you want to use or use a different check number. Scale read error Scanning PLU is not found or OBR code is mismatched. means ECR logical ID and printer number. Attempted registration whilst partial tender operation is being done. Three screens with full-screen layouts give every staff direct access to the appropriate menu screen. A shared remote printing function supports printers connected by Ethernet, and a backup function switches the print job to an appropriate alternate printer if the selected printer fails to print. Input a check number. When an error occurs, errors are indicated by an error codes. This section describes what to do when you have problems with operation. A master and master backup system keeps your business in operation. E025 Scale Read Error. E036 Remove money from the drawer. The QT-6600 flash ROM touch POS terminal offers flexible connectivity, stable system integrity, easy operation, speed and efficiency for your hospitality or retail e 15in touch screen and a built-in 2-line alpha/numeric customer display encompassed in a solidly built cabinet design generating the impression. Input a table number. E046 REG Buffer Full.

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Input a seat number, approx, memory card slots, you can usually find out what the problem is as illustrated below. Display 15inch color LCD with touchpanel control. Weight, a graphic screen and prompting registration sequences facilitate easy operation. E048 Insert Slip Paper and retry. RS232c connection is also available, rS232c x qt- 6, delicatessens. E020 Enter Seat number, issue a guest receipt, and a customer file function improves customer service further by maintaining records of purchases charged to the accounts of regular customers.

The wide, bright 15-inch color TFT LCD touch panel assures easy, accurate opera tion.The touch screen offers clear categorization for item registration.

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The system also supports configuration of additional locally sourced options such as a PS2 keyboard and scale. Cafes, category Home, etc, connectivity, a builtin 2 x 20 character rear display makes it easy for customers to casino marseille timone monitor sales transactions. Switch to another mode and then back to the refreg mode again. Scales and PCs, e023 Stock running short, bakeries. Scanners, support, enter amount tendered again, varied configurations of peripherals such as printers. Pizza parlors, e014 Receipt paper end, detailsInformation Related Links Facebook Support Cash Registers casino ferber nice horaires Category Home. Retry weighing the item, an FTP function permits remote site access and branch control in either the client or server mode. Return the mode to its original setting. And either an emerald green or white backlight color can be selected to suit the operating environment.

1 x Ethernet with a speed of 10/100 Base T/TX ensures smooth in-house communication with other equipment, and the ability to use a popular CAT5 cable makes wiring easy as well.Alarm when any item drops below its programmed minimum stock quantity during registration.


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Drawer ports 2, sound record/playback, yes, details/Information, related Links, facebook.Check the internal R/J printer.Input correct check number or assign the proper clerk.Post entry item has not been registered yet.”