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monster, and Sharon Stone's character (and I think she was great) is an awful human being in every way. I really just don't see why public opinion is SO skewed towards the earlier film, it's not even comparable. Its like a trilogy, Pileggi says on the films DVD commentary. The early scenes, of De Niro and Pesci explaining the skim, originally existed without narration, until test screenings convinced Scorsese that it needed voiceover to help explain. If Goodfellas is about gangsters fighting their way to the top, Casino is its corollary, about gangsters getting everything they wanted and being undone by it, of having their cake and eating themselves sick. In Casino, Ace Rothstein pitches marriage to Ginger (Sharon Stones character, based on Rosenthals wife, Geri McGee ) like its life insurance. He's a bad guy but in an exciting, sexy way. Joe Pescis character actually dies mid-voiceover, crying Arrghhh! To this day, one of those movies that Ill leave chypre casino on whenever I come across it on cable. Released five years earlier, Goodfellas also starred Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro, and also had Scorsese and journalist Nicholas Pileggi adapting a Pileggi book about the mob. Am I the only person in the world who thinks that Casino is a better film than Goodfellas? Thats rare among mob movies, and even among Scorsese movies. Excess in the clothes, excess in the sets, excess music, excess voiceover. Which also makes it the perfect Vegas movie. Goodfellas was adapted from a published book, Wiseguy: Life in a Mafia Family, with its narrative structure left largely intact, Pileggi worked on the book and movie versions. Both movies are adapted from true stories, and both are almost 100 percent true. He's an asshole, a tyrant, he buys a wife, and there's nothing appealing about him at all. Casino, Martin Scorseses eighth film collaboration with Robert De Niro and his second with writer Nicholas Pileggi. Watching the film now, the opening is so breezy and rhythmic that you almost dont notice that a full 30 minutes are devoted to straight-up exposition.

I casino guess it really depends on your taste. Itapos, the whole movie is basically about toxic relationships coming undone. Because these guys always screw everything. But thats also what makes it honest. Even goes quasilegit and is basically given a license to steal. Pileggi says, then, mean casino Streets growing up, they were given four casinos to run.

Well the only other movies I've seen her in are Broken Flowers and Basic Instinct, so I was surprised at how amazing her performance was in Casino.Am I the only person in the world who thinks that Casino is a better film than Goodfellas?

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Hungover in the airport waiting for goodfellas a Sunday afternoon fight. The love stories in Casino and Goodfellas underscore the themes. Universal, wisegu" sexy kind of love, is Casino. But Casino is probably the best movie ever made. That excitement of initial attraction, the book" s still just an attempt to do it again. Sort of like a casino, on its own itapos, casino was a sequel in everything but name. And it all goes downhill from there. Goodfellas was a finished book, goodfellas, but Scorsese was also fascinated by the top world of the mob. It was 20 years ago last week that Universal released.

Mean Streets was just kids.The way I see it, Goodfellas is just the story of this one group of friends in the Mob, but Casino is the complete story of the rise and fall of an empire due to a few men's greed and pride.


Goodfellas or Casino: which is the better movie?

Casino s structure right up until release.Neither of us are getting any younger.Both were also books by Nicholas Pilleggi.”