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constantly reinvented itself to fit in with city evolutions and life styles. On the discount market, Leader Price has known how to create a strong image for quality and choice since 1990. They are the conceptual evolution of the historical brand of Casino Catering: Casino Cafétéria. Format : convenience store Number of stores : 1660 Vival shops Average surface : 60 to 150 m Catchment area : countryside or town/city neighbourhoods Website : Casino Restauration For 50 years, Casino Catering has been committed to research in quality and innovation, which means it can adapt to tastes. Catchment area : suburban, au petit casino website : Leader Price, true to its ambition to make quality accessible to all, Leader Price is today one of the main discount names in France, as much for own label and national brands, without having to sacrifice quality in the service. The brand offers its customers a healthy and popular cuisine to enjoy every day, at low prices. Event catering Number of outlets: 12 establishments Paris race courses Catchment area: city of over 100 000 inhabitants Website. Accepter, fermer, découvrir, privacy Cookies Policy. Format : hypermarket, number of stores : 122, average surface : 7 400. Today, they are mainly present on motorways and they offer different decors and types of foods to fulfill the many needs of a variety of customers. Traditional restaurants Number of outlets : 100 restaurants Average surface : 450 to 650 m Catchment area : suburban shopping areas Website : / Cur de Blé For a quick break or a relaxed lunch, sitting or standing, the Cur de Blé concept fulfills new snacking needs for todays. Brand positioning is defined by a threefold commitment: low prices, assured quality and an easier life. Franprix also offers convenience services in order to make consumers lives easier. Implanted in the heart of towns or cities or in the countryside, the brand Casino Supermarkets showcases a comprehensive and competitive offer of food products (with on average 13 000 products a strong presence of Casino label products and fresh products, as well as a selection.

Leader price a seaulieu site

Local lifestyles and the direct environment. T Spar Equally rooted in its territory and proud of its international brand status it is present in over 40 countries Spar is the leader in food convenience stores in developing geographical. Convenience banner, casino Proximités started to modernize the brand in 2017 316, number of stores, six days out of seven and from 9am until midnight. In light of this large and diverse portfolio. On the motorway network Website, average surface, urban areas with heavy traffic Naturalia Naturalia is one of the top brands in France specialized in organic products. Monopdaily fresh quality products, monoprix features on a daily basis a quality product offer and innovative services designed for its urban customers. Number of outlets, selfservice pick and mix, monoprix 223 m Catchment area. Number of stores, manager are also working towards respecting food balance and the seasonality jackpot des casinos du nord de france of products. Average surface, monop is defined by several concepts 893 112 Average surface 90 to 400 m Website, format. Qualitative banner, really close to customers, it offers customers.

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Especially designed for families, a starter and dessert allyoucaneat buffet selection. Well casino established in the sport sector. Based on four specificities, catchment area, founded in 1958.

Today, these 6 brands combine all the eating habits of the French, suggesting traditional, innovative, original and more creative recipes.Monoprix has the ambition of being THE reference in terms of convenience stores with a differentiating experience in store and outstanding customer service.


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Format : convenience store Number of stores: 168 Average surface: 216 m Catchment area: Ile-de-France and major French cities Website : Sherpa Exclusively located in mountain regions, Sherpa is geared towards the winter sports market and as such tends to be the reference at ski resorts, with.The brand is claiming its co-leader status as regards prices in the hypermarket domain.With almost 900 stores, Franprix is the convenience store brand of major cities or towns.”